I am Nataliia Gaida, USA-based Ukrainian illustrator, and visual development artist.
As an illustrator, I worked with big publishing houses in Ukraine and abroad. Books that I illustrated were published in China, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and the USA. 
In 2018 I won the Fulbright scholarship to fulfill my childhood dream - became a visual artist in animation and games. So now I am at the end of getting my MFA Animation at Savannah College of Art and Design.
I mainly think of myself as of the generalist. My favorite stage in animation production is pre-production. I love to do storyboarding and character designs, but also have a big interest in sculpting and modeling. 
I love to be involved in the process of creation. I love to learn new things. 
I believe, that the most important part of any piece of art is the story and the passion you put into that. 

Thank you!
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